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Summary of benefits for interns, residents, and clinical fellows

Interns, residents, and clinical fellows who work at least 20 hours per week may enroll in the Boston Children’s Hospital Employee Benefits Program. Available benefits are summarized below For additional information on benefits offered by Boston Children’s Hospital, please contact the Boston Children’s Hospital Benefits Office at 617-355-7790, email, or stop by the Benefits Office at 1 Autumn St, 1st floor.

Lease Guaranty Program

The Lease Guaranty Program is intended to help ease the pressure of the high cost of housing in the Boston area. If a landlord requires advance payment of the last month’s rent and/or a security deposit, Children’s Hospital Boston will guarantee payment to the landlord according to the lease guaranty procedure. In return, the house staff member agrees to reimburse Boston Children’s Hospital for any payment Boston Children’s Hospital is required to make under this guaranty. Please contact the Benefits Office or your residency/fellowship coordinator for more information.

Taxi Voucher Program

Boston Children’s Hospital is committed to helping all residents and clinical fellows get home safely after working an extended shift. Any resident or clinical fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital who drove or biked to work and worked a shift of 24 or more hours is eligible to receive a voucher for a taxi ride home to ensure their safety and the safety of others. In addition any resident or clinical fellow who is leaving late at night when it is unsafe to walk or use public transportation is eligible to use a voucher.

Professional Liability Insurance

Clinical trainees are provided with professional liability coverage for the duration of their training and thereafter for any acts or omissions occurring during the training and within the scope of the training program. Clinical trainees are not covered to practice at other institutions unless they have written approval from their Program Director.

On Call Accommodations

If applicable, your on-call schedule will be determined by your training program. On-call rooms and shower facilities are provided on all inpatient units and on Farley 5.  A meal will be provided to you each night you are expected to sleep in the hospital.

Salary and Vacation

The current salary for first year trainees in this program is $ 71,471. Salaries generally increase by 2-4% each year.


Trainees in this program receive 3.5 weeks of vacation time per year. This time must be used by June 30 of each year; unused days will not carry over.