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Systems Vaccinology

  1. "BCG vaccination-induced emergency granulopoiesis provides rapid protection from neonatal sepsis" — in Science Translation Medicine
  2. "Dynamic molecular changes during the first week of human life follow a robust developmental trajectory" — in Nature Communications
  3. “Adjuvant-induced Human Monocyte Secretome Profiles Reveal Adjuvant- and Age-specific Protein Signatures” — in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics
  4. “Systems Biology Approaches for Host-Fungal Interactions: An Expanding Multi-Omics Frontier” — in OMICS

Precision Adjuvant Science

  1. "Toward precision adjuvants: optimizing science and safety" — in Current Opinion in Pediatrics
  2. In vitro cytokine induction by TLR-activating vaccine adjuvants in human blood varies by age and adjuvant” — authors include PVN members Van Haren, Samuels, and Levy in Cytokine
  3. “TLR7/8 adjuvant overcomes newborn hyporesponsiveness to pneumococcal conjugate vaccine at birth” — by PVN member David J. Dowling et al in JCI-Insight
  4. "Toll-like receptor 8 agonist nanoparticles mimic immunomodulating effects of the live BCG vaccine and enhance neonatal innate and adaptive immune responses" — by David J. Dowling et al in J Allergy & Clin Immunol

Clinical Vaccine Studies

  1. "Clinical Protocol for a Longitudinal Cohort Study Employing Systems Biology to Identify Markers of Vaccine Immunogenicity in Newborn Infants in The Gambia and Papua New Guinea" — in Frontiers in Pediatrics
  2. “Changing oral vaccine to inactivated polio vaccine might increase mortality” — authors include PVN members Kollmann, Levy, and Netea in The Lancet
  3. “Maternal and neonatal pneumococcal vaccination — where are we now?” — authors includes PVN member Kampmann in Expert Review of Vaccine
  4. “Predicting future trends in the burden of pertussis in the 21st century: implications for infant pertussis and the success of maternal immunization” — authors include PVN member van den Biggelaar in Expert Review of Vaccines
  5. "Using pneumococcal carriage studies to monitor vaccine impact in low- and middle-income countries" — authors include PVN member William Pomat in Science Direct