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The Precision Vaccines Program composes our research core at Boston Children’s Hospital, where we design and conduct some of our most quintessential work. Program members are involved in diverse projects like adjuvant discovery for novel vaccines, in vitro modeling of immune responses, investigating immune signatures in response to vaccines, managing and interrogating data from huge clinical cohorts, and studying principles of molecular biology like antigen cross-presentation.

The Precision Vaccines Network consists of our collaborators around the world. The reach of our Network is truly staggering: our members work in locations as far flung as Vancouver, The Gambia, Perth, and Papua New Guinea. The range of projects is just as vast, spanning from running complex clinical cohorts on newborn vaccinations, to discovering biomarkers for neonatal sepsis, to running sophisticated bioinformatics algorithms, and so much more. The Precision Vaccines Network is a way to keep up with new advancements in vaccinology from our international team. Members receive regular communications, including a quarterly newsletter. If you are interested in joining our network, please see the Become a Member page and fill out an application.

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