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"In my time at BCH, I truly solidified my passion for medicine. Conducting manual case review taught me to understand proper vitals, medications, notes, and procedures in anesthesia...  Grand rounds and PACaRI intern meetings also helped me gain more knowledge in the field and the challenges that doctors are facing today; these helped me to better understand my path going forward. My time in the OR was captivating - I learned I loved surgery, and I was exposed to a variety of anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, and other specialists during my time there. I came to understand that medicine balances art and science, and that each case, no matter how small or brief, is a real child in need, with a real family. I cannot imagine a more rewarding or captivating field for me to enter, and I greatly appreciate the time I had at BCH." — Bill Knapp, Boston College, PACaRI 2019

"While my time at BCH provided me with invaluable insight into the future I face as an aspiring physician-scientist, it was the perspective I gained outside of the clinic that impacted me most. As part of the PACaRI experience, Ms. Leahy and Ms. Amanda Baier encouraged our cohort of interns to learn from one another’s insights and form lasting friendships. I was grateful to forge strong interpersonal bonds with fellow interns over lunch in our weekly lecture series, and I appreciated the opportunity to shadow mentors of the Department in Surgical Grand Rounds." — Claire Greydanus, Boston College, PACaRI 2019

"Actually getting to shadow doctors and spend time in the OR has really opened my eyes to what being a physician is like, and has proven extremely validating for me. I now know with complete confidence that I am on the right path."-- Mackenzie Kagan, UPENN, PACaRI 2019

"I gained a lot of invaluable experience here: interaction with patients about research, time in the OR shadowing anesthesiologists and surgeons, engaging lectures from Grand Rounds and intern meetings, and getting the chance to write a manuscript. More importantly, I believe my experience at BCH has reaffirmed my commitment to becoming a health professional and provided me with a strong base of knowledge and skills that I will carry on with me into the future." -- Hugh Burke, Notre Dame, PACaRI 2019

"The best part of the internship I think would be the translational nature of it. Being able to see the work you’re doing on a computer in a cubicle translating to actual applications in a patient population I thought was the most unique and the coolest part of the internship." — Sam Rudisill, Notre Dame, PACaRI 2017-2018

"I never really fully understood what it was like for a physician to both practice clinically and also do research and how that balance was achieved. I always [thought] that people who practice clinically are super busy and don’t have time, so it was cool to see how they fit that into their clinical practice." — Keith Savran, Tufts Medical School, PACaRI 2017-2018

"The best part would definitely have to be the opportunity to network with people and work with people who are in this field and in this as careers... with the physicians, with some of the residents, just working in that setting and seeing that culture and seeing that environment. I feel like my desire to continue and pursue this was only confirmed and strengthened." — Thomas Huang, Tufts University, PACaRI 2016-2017

"Thus far, I have enhanced my communication, leadership, and public speaking skills, and fortified my commitment to the field of medicine. Thanks to the internship, I am confident that I will be able to bond both my passion for research with my passion for becoming a clinician." — Avi Purohit, MPH Candidate, Boston University School of Public Health, 2015-2016 PACaRI

emily lab"I have gained a very realistic perspective on how research works--many obstacles come up that make a project take much longer than expected... I have also gained an immense passion for research through investigating research questions, learning about the nuances and greater implications of a project, and running experiments to develop these conclusions." — Emily Greenwald, Brandeis University, PACaRI 2015-2016

"One of the most memorable and important experiences I had during my internship was when I attended the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia (SPA) conference.  At SPA I had a lot of visitors come by my poster and really ask about my project. A lot of these physicians agreed that the data wasn't really out there regarding my topic and that my study would be a good start. It opened my eyes to the possibilities as a future physician."— Sandra Lee, PACaRI 2014-2015

"I thought [the internship] was great, I loved getting to see the OR, I thought it was a good intro to stats, good intro to writing abstracts, when I came here I was all ready to write abstracts, good prep for writing papers, I thought it was a great experience." — Dan Snyder, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, PACaRI 2015-2017