Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Research | Meet the Team

Researchers and Focus Areas

S. Bryn Austin, ScD – LGBT adolescent health, obesity and eating disorders
David Bickham, PhD – Media effects on health risks
Brittany Charlton, ScD – LGBT health disparities, contraceptives
Amy Desrochers DiVasta, MD, MMSc – Bone health, endometriosis
S. Jean Emans, MD – Adolescent medicine and gynecology
Melissa Freizinger, PhD – Eating disorders
Catherine Gordon, MD, MS – Bone health, transgender health, eating disorders, reproductive endocrinology
Sion Harris, PhD – Adolescent substance use
Sabra Katz-Wise, PhD – Gender and sexuality
Jonathan Mansbach, MD, MPH – Respiratory virus research
Sarah Pitts, MD – Bone health, female reproductive endocrinology, contraception
Michael Rich, MD, MPH – Media effects on health risks
Tracy K. Richmond, MD, MPH – Racial/ethnic disparities, obesity, eating disorders
Cathryn Samples, MD, MPH, AAHIVS – HIV prevention/care
Lydia A. Shrier, MD, MPH – Adolescent mental health and sexual risk behavior
Catherine Stamoulis, PhD – Biostatistics, neurology
Elissa Weitzman, ScD, MSc – Adolescent substance use, chronic disease