Current projects include:

  • The use of inhaled nitric oxide to reduce pulmonary hypertension.
  • The further development of innovative catheterization treatments for the treatment of complex cardiac diseases.
  • The use of transcatheter radio-frequency ablation to treat both simple and complex arrhythmias.
  • A multi-disciplinary clinical trial studying brain function following the effects of body cooling and blood thinning (hemodilution) during open heart surgery.
  • A six-center study of HIV's effect on the hearts of infants and children.
  • A study of the effects of a drug (Adriamycin) on heart function is survivors of childhood cancer.
  • A study of pH management strategy in infant heart surgery.
  • A cross-sectional study on long-term outcome after the Fontan procedure.
  • Population-based studies of clinical outcomes and resource utilization for congenital heart defects.
  • Improved approaches to protecting the heart and brain in infants and children during surgical procedures.
  • The design and creation of heart valves using a patient's own tissue.
  • The design and evaluation of new therapeutic catheters and techniques.
  • The design and evaluation of three-dimensional electrophysiological mapping techniques.
  • Control of the body's inflammatory response to cardiopulmonary bypass and surgery.
  • Evaluation of the biophysics of radio-frequency ablation to treat arrhythmia.

Featured researchers in the Department of Cardiology hold faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School.