Cardiology Research

Boston Children's is a world leader in opening new avenues of "translational research", bringing laboratory advances to the bedside and doctor's office as soon as possible. All senior medical staff members of the Department of Cardiology participate in clinical research activities, and many do laboratory research as well. 

Learn more about basic and translational cardiovascular research.

Elizabeth Blume, MD Heart transplantation
Roger Breitbart, MD Pediatric cardiology, Cardiovascular genetics
Steven Colan, MD Ventricular function and cardiomyopathy
Kevin Daly, MD Cardiac allograft vasculopathy
Pierre E. Dupont, PhD Robotic instruments and imaging technology, congenital heart defects, fetal and pediatric heart
Amy E. Roberts, MD Cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome, Cardiomyopathy, Cardiovascular Genetics, Hypoplastic Left Heart
Felix Engel, PhD Molecular cardiology and regeneration
Idith Haber, PhD Cardiac MRI
Kathy Jenkins, MD, MPH Device clinical trials
Ronald Lacro, MD Noninvasive cardiology
Michael Landzberg, MD Adult congenital heart defects
Jane Newburger, MD, MPH Kawasaki disease
Andrew Powell, MD Cardiac MRI
William T. Pu, MD Heart development
Jonathan Rhodes, MD Exercise physiology
Leslie B. Smoot, MD Cardiovascular genetics
Ravi Thiagarajan, MD Cardiac ICU
John Triedman, MD Arrhythmias
Wayne Tworetzky, MD Noninvasive cardiology
Da-Zhi Wang, PhD Transcriptional and epigenetic control of mammalian cardiovascular development and function