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In order to stimulate and enable high-risk, high-reward innovative research at Boston Children's Hospital, the Translational Research Program (TRP) partners with a different research program at Boston Children's Hospital every other year to offer the The Translational Innovator Award.

This two-year up to $400,000 (directs) award is intended to fund the most promising yet high risk research that will result in discoveries that will likely have a major impact on child heath. This award promotes the TRP's mission of stimulating the development of non-clinical and human clinical trials that seek to improve the care of children, as well as enabling new goals for understanding, diagnosing and treating patients.

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Building on our extraordinary leadership in pediatric science at Boston Children’s, we translate our findings — and those of others — to fundamentally change how disease is treated and cured.

David A. Williams, MD
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer