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ICCTR has a variety of collaborating programs designed to help researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital advance clinical research and care. We work jointly with research labs and programs across the hospital, and facilitate accessibility for our clinical researchers. Below you will find a description of each of our collaborating programs along with a link to more information about each one. If you would like to your lab or research program to be included in the ICCTR collaborating programs, please contact
  • The Biobank Core Lab was created to make the highest quality of human specimen (such as blood, tissue, nucleic acids and more) and corresponding clinical data available for clinical, translational and basic research at Boston Children's and associated organizations. It serves as a service core and a biorepository. The core provides a comprehensive set of services related to research with human specimen to support the scientific community. These services include biobanking, sample and data management, and an array of sample preparations, such as nucleic acid preparations. In concert with the Precision Link team, the core supports identification of the right cohort for a study, sample and data collection, and IT support. For questions, please call 1-888-802-4453 or email

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  • ICCTR and Information Services Department (ISD) have established CRIT to integrate closely the domain knowledge of ICCTR with the technical expertise of ISD. The mission of CRIT is to provide leadership and innovative information technology services to enable and support the Boston Children's clinical research enterprise. CRIT is responsible primarily for sharing technical skills and resources, enhancing collaboration and improving the efficiency of clinical research applications development. The unit serves to champion innovative informatics solutions and expand IT services to the entire clinical research community.

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  • The Experimental Therapeutics Unit (ETU) provides a dedicated and friendly environment for the care of pediatric clinical research volunteers. The ETU provides inpatient beds, outpatient exam and consult rooms, fast-track phlebotomy, skilled clinical research nurses, dietitians, and a dedicated lab technician to support specimen processing.

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  • The Flow Cytometry Research Lab offers full-range flow Cytometry services, such as experimental consultation, panel design, assisted and self-operated single cell sorting. The lab also offers 24-hour access to analyzer for independent acquisition and a complete training program involving sample preparation, instrument training and data analysis

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  • The Human Neuron Core (HNC) offers customizable human iPSC-derived neuronal differentiation and phenotyping services. The HNC also offers fee-for-service- or assisted-use of equipment for characterizing cell cultures. In addition, HNC provides consultation on assay design, robotic lab automation, as well as in-depth training on image data analysis and algorithm development to address your particular biology.

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  • The Research Imaging Core is a leading innovator in pediatric research imaging and at the forefront of developing treatments and cures for diseases, such as epilepsy and autism. This core provides services, such as access to MRI, CT, PET/nuclear medicine, ultrasound, x-ray, neuropsychology-testing rooms, data analysis and more. The mission of the Research Imaging Core is to assist investigators with achieving the best imaging-research outcomes possible, while also assuring compliance with institutional policies.

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  • The mission of the TransLab is to help physicians treat their patients by bridging science and medicine. To accomplish this objective, the TransLab supports bench-to-bedside and bedside-to-bench translational and clinical research.

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