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Event Funding | Overview

The Manton Center for Orphan Disease Research is dedicated to facilitating collaborations between scientists to produce the best care for patients with rare diseases. Events hosting researchers, physicians, or other health care personnel which help to establish or strengthen collaborations within the orphan disease community are eligible for financial support from The Manton Center. If you are hosting such an event and would like funding, please complete the following Visiting Scientist Application and return to Meghan Towne.

Please designate whether the event is a visiting speaker or meeting of health care personnel/families. Up to $1,000 may be requested for visiting speakers, and up to $2,500 may be requested for larger meetings. Funding is determined by necessity, event goals, and cohesion with The Manton Center's mission. The support can be used for transportation, housing, meals, and/or honorarium.

Applications will be accepted and funds awarded on a rolling basis, subject to fund availability.

Please email applications to with “Event Application” as the subject header or fax to 617-730-0253 (Attn: Meghan Towne).


This page was last updated November 23, 2020.