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Sweden | Overview

NBAS-based Research

by Karin Stjernqvist, Professor,
Department of Psychology,
Lund University

Dr. Stjernqvist, who is NBAS trainer in Sweden, is leading two major research projects at Lund University. The first is a longitudinal study of preterm infants, known by the acronym, EXPRESS - Extremely Preterm Infants In Sweden Study. The sample consists of approximately 400 Extremely Preterm Infants and 400 Full-Term controls, recruited from 7 regional centers of Sweden. Karin is responsible for the follow-up at 2 ½ and 6 ½ years. Two papers have already appeared in JAMA and she is now working on a third.

The second study is an 18-year follow–up of an Extremely Preterm Infant cohort born in 1985-86. Results will be published in JAMA and describe the relationship between preterm birth and outcome at 18 years in terms of personality traits, depression, social contacts and attachment in young adulthood.