Rosamund Stone Zander Translational Neuroscience Center | Acknowledgment and Authorship Guidelines

Rosamund Stone Zander Translational Neuroscience Center Acknowledgement and Authorship Policy

1. If you have used a RSZ TNC service; conducted work resulting from any RSZ TNC data or biomaterials; conducted work with the support of a RSZ TNC sponsored pilot project or fellowship; or received training through the RSZ TNC, please use the following citation language in any publications, presentations or media reports:

“This research was conducted with support from the Rosamund Stone Zander Translational Neuroscience Center, Boston Children’s Hospital”

If applicable, please also note support from IDDRC (NIH P30HD018655)

2. For the Human Neuron Core/Repository biomaterials (DNA, tissue specimens, ipscs, neurons, etc) please provide manuscript for review prior to submission for publication. This should include any supplementary data tables that clearly identify the samples that were selected for analysis and the type of assays performed (i.e. genetic variants, sequencing data, proteomic data, pathologic analysis, etc.).

3. As soon as the Investigator has any manuscript accepted for publication based upon a research project utilizing a TNC service as detailed in #1, a copy of the manuscript along with the name of the publication and expected date of publication shall be forwarded to

4. Annually, investigators utilizing TNC services shall submit a list of all publications, presentations, and media reports to

5. Authorship related to TNC projects will be determined following the Harvard Medical School guidelines for inclusion and order of authorship and following the ICMJE guidance.

  1. Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors; International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)