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Annual Career Conference

Each faculty member should schedule a Career Planning Conference with his/her Department/Division Chief, Faculty Mentor, or Departmental Designee and update the HMS CV before May 30th each year.  The dialogue should address:

(1) career progress and goals for the coming year, as applicable, in clinical care,
teaching, research, administration, membership and leadership in societies/professional organizations, work/life balance, and community outreach
(2) preferred timing of milestones in your career trajectory and changes desired in the balance of activities and career/academic workload; and
(3) skills and resources needed to accomplish goals.

Ask your department or division if this form or a modified form is requested. Fill out the forms and update your CV.  Some departments will also ask you to fill out the Career Customization Assessment Form.  As part of the dialogue, you should ask your Chief or designee to give you his/her perspective on your career progress, clinical and research productivity, citizenship, readiness for promotion, expectations and "specific deliverables" needed for promotion, and resources for meeting career goals.

Boston Children's Hospital OFD 2017-18 Annual Career Conference Form
Boston Children's Hospital 2017-18 Career Customization Assessment
Tips for Career Conferences

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