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Below are selected videos, interviews, and articles about successful Boston Children's innovations and researchers that have made inroads toward, or have already resulted in breakthrough products or improved the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes.

ACT.MD cloud-based complex care platform empowers clinicians and families alike

Risk mitigation made easy: Apps make hospitals safer

Partnership with Grunenthal to bring anesthesia to market

Can the collaborative economy work in health care?

AudioHub app: Bringing hearing tests into the 21st century

Technology Development Fund announces 2014 grant awardees and results

Boston Children's Researcher Spotlight: Roberto Chiarle, MD, Principal Investigator in the Department of Pathology

Affinivax, a novel vaccines company, launched with a $4 million investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Extremely short needle tackles suturing in challenging surgical fields

Leveraging bacteria biofilms for vaccines

Boston Children's Researcher Spotlight: Vijay Sankaran, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator in the Division of Hematology/Oncology

Digital health: The next blockbuster

New therapeutic development models build researchers’ commercialization savvy

Stopping blindness: The drug-eluting contact lens

Boston Children's Researcher Spotlight: Carla Kim, PhD, Principal Investigator in the Stem Cell Program

Boston Children's Researcher Spotlight: Beth Stevens, PhD, Investigator in the F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center

FDA approves long-lasting hemophilia drug based on Boston Children’s technology

The Accelerating Medicines Partnership: Transforming biomedical consortia and R&D

Boston Children's Researcher Spotlight: Florian Winau, MD, Investigator in the Program of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Technology Development Fund selects seven Boston Children’s projects in 2013

A cell-free, silk-based scaffold for regenerating bladder tissue

Neurologic clinical trials in a dish?

The ever-changing, interwoven regulatory and drug-pricing landscape

Turning tumors against themselves to stop metastasis

From thalidomide to Pomalyst: Better living through chemistry

Technology Development Fund selects six Boston Children’s technologies in 2012

Boston Children’s Hospital and Life Technologies Launch Claritas Genomics, a Clinical Genomics Company

Disease management web portal tracks ADHD patients in real time

Shire and Boston Children’s Hospital Enter into Broad Research Collaboration

Mounting a lasting blockade against pain

Two Boston Children's investigators to collaborate with Pfizer's CTI

Children's healthcare IT: Ready for investment

Challenging ICU event inspires investigator to create injectable oxygen

Inhibiting ion channels to curb stroke’s inflammatory damage

Emergency room clinician Twitter-like app: BEAPPER

A good deal: Roche and Boston academia team up to use stem cells to find autism treatments

A little business help goes a long way for kids with developmental disorders

Q & A with David Margulies, MD, Executive Director of the Gene Partnership at Children’s Hospital Boston

Technology Development Fund awards $1M to 12 Children’s technologies in 2011

Rare Disease Symposium 2011 recap: Bringing academia, industry, and government into the game

iSpawn zebrafish breeding tank product launched

Children’s joins Pfizer’s CTI

The fast moving world of epigenetics

Could the Secrets that Lie Within Algae Lead to a Long-Acting Local Anesthetic?

Q & A with Christopher Walsh, MD, PhD, Chief of Genetics

Video: Pediatric Vision Scanner

Video: Pneumococcal Vaccines for Developing Countries

Children’s Technology Development Fund Awards $1.3 Million to Further Innovation

Q and A with Dr. Gabriel Corfas

Q and A with Dr. Gary Fleisher, MD

Biomarkers: Making Healthcare Personal

Combating Urological Conditions

Building the Foundation of Stem Cell Research (2010)

Technology Development Fund Awards $1.2M (2009)

Reconnecting the ACL

Stopping Epilepsy Before it Starts

Uncovering Patterns for Advancing Healthcare

Growing Organs from Patients' Own Cells: Science Fiction?

On the Frontline of Stem Cell Innovation (2009)

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