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We understand the anxiety many families feel when contacting us. We strive to provide helpful, informative, and compassionate support. We want to know your concerns and find out how much information you have about your fetus’ health. We’ll answer your questions and share our knowledge based on our experience and the most current data. Find out what to expect once you have been referred to the MFCC.

First steps

Most new patients come to the Maternal Fetal Care Center (MFCC) when routine tests have indicated a problem with the fetus. Your physician may refer you, or you can contact our center directly at 617-355-6512 or by requesting an appointment online.

Learn how your primary care physician can help coordinate your care.

Phone intake

You or your obstetrician will be asked to fax your medical information, including demographic and insurance information, to us at 617-730-0124 or 617-730-0302. This information can also be emailed to

After receiving your referral, our administrative associate will process your records and provide your information to a member of our clinical team, which includes nurses, nurse practitioners, and genetic counselors. A clinical team member will then review your information and contact you for a clinical intake. Clinical intakes typically consist of obtaining additional medical history, assessing your understanding of the fetal diagnosis, and answering questions. Additionally, our clinical team will order all appropriate diagnostic testing and counseling sessions. Our scheduling team will make every attempt to schedule imaging studies and appointments in a timely fashion to best meet your needs. However, please keep in mind that this process requires in-depth clinical expertise and may necessitate multiple calls before your first appointment.

Your appointment

We perform all necessary studies and tests (ultrasound, MRI, or echocardiogram) here in the clinic. It can make for a long day, but families have shared that it’s worthwhile to undergo a comprehensive evaluation in one visit. To pass time between tests, we suggest bringing a book, tablet, or other activity.

Plans for your day can change. We set a schedule for you based on the information we receive before your visit. We may add or subtract studies or specialists based on what we see during the diagnostic imaging. We may need to shift the order of your imaging studies because of the availability of imaging or the position of the fetus. Be assured that we will complete everything needed to give you comprehensive information, and appointments with consultants will be adjusted to allow us to complete all necessary studies. If you have been waiting more than 30 minutes past your scheduled appointment without an explanation, please speak to the front desk staff.

You will receive information in several ways. We will teach you about normal fetal development at your current stage of pregnancy and will then discuss our team’s findings. During this consult, we will take written notes you can refer back to. At the end of your appointments, you will receive notes from your consults and teaching sheets of our findings.

You will meet a team. Throughout the day, you may meet several members of our team, including doctors, nurses, a genetic counselor, and a social worker. We work together not only to educate you, but also to support you in coping with this experience and any decisions you may need to make. We remain available to you after your appointment as your journey continues.