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How We Talk To Babies Can Have Long-Lasting Benefits For Their Brain Development

Babygaga reports that language development in babies is one of the most important milestones they can reach. A study led by Boston Children’s Rachel Romeo, PhD, finds that it is the number of direct conversations a child has in which proper language use is present that makes a difference.
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WBUR Vaping

Just How Hard Is It To Quit Vaping?

Boston Children’s Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, joins WBUR’s “On Point” to discuss vaping and the difficulties that come with trying to quit.
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NYTimes Milasen

Scientists Designed a Drug for Just One Patient. Her Name Is Mila.

The New York Times reports on Mila Makovec, an 8-year-old Boston Children’s patient suffering from Batten’s disease. Boston Children’s Timothy Yu, MD, PhD, and his team found her highly unusual mutation, designed an oligonucleotide drug to bypass it, engaged industry partners and launched a treatment trial — just for her.
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NYTimes vaping

Helping Teenagers Quit Vaping

The New York Times column “The Checkup” reports as vaping deaths rise, quitting has a new urgency. What can we do to help an adolescent or a young adult shake a nicotine habit? Boston Children’s Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, weighs in on the topic.
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NIH Director Blog Mila

One Little Girl’s Story Highlights the Promise of Precision Medicine

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins devotes his Director’s Blog to the story of Mila Makovec, an 8-year-old Boston Children’s patient suffering from Batten’s disease, a rapidly progressing neurological disorder. Timothy Yu, MD, PhD, and his team found her highly unusual mutation, designed an oligonucleotide drug to bypass it, engaged industry partners and launched an FDA-approved treatment trial — just for her.
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WSJ vaping

Vaping-Related Illnesses Rise to 1,604, CDC Says

The Wall Street Journal reports there are now 1,604 cases of the vaping-related illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Federal officials are still looking for the definitive cause of the illnesses but have flagged illicit THC products and oils as a major factor. Boston Children’s Chief Innovation Officer, John Brownstein, PhD, and Yulin Hswen, PhD, are both interviewed for the article.
Digital Health Podcast John Brownstein

An Epidemiology Journey From Vectors and Movies to Hospital Innovation

The Digital Health Podcast interviews Boston Children’s Hospital’s Chief Innovation Officer, John Brownstein, PhD, about his early days on the field as an epidemiologist, his foray into academia and some of the cool things he’s doing at Boston Children’s.
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CBS Bruins Halloween Visit

Bruins Don Toy Story Costumes For Halloween Visit To Boston Children’s Hospital

CBS Boston reports on the Boston Bruins ninth annual Halloween visit to Boston Children’s. Players were dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Forky and other favorites from Toy Story 4, as they spent time visiting with children at the hospital.
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Greater Boston Sharon Levy

Debating The Public Health Impact Of Baker’s Vaping Ban

Boston Children’s Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, joins WGBH’s “Greater Boston” to discuss the vaping ban and why she believes it is the right move to protect consumers, particularly young people.
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September Stories

Boston Globe 150 Researchers story

Meet the researchers working to curb childhood cancer, repair your ACL, stop epileptic seizures, and more

The Globe shares a look at some of the ongoing research at Boston Children’s, highlighting the work of Chief Scientific Officer David Williams, MD, Martha Murray, MD, Ofer Levy, MD, PhD, Annapurna Poduri, MD, MPH and Natalie Collins, MD, PhD.
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Globe vaping ban

Baker declares public health emergency, orders 4-month ban on all vaping products

Boston Globe reports that Gov. Charlie Baker ordered a four-month ban on the sale of all vaping products in Massachusetts. Boston Children’s Alicia Casey, MD, who appeared alongside Baker, described treating teens who required ventilators to breathe and could suffer permanent lung damage after vaping.
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ABC vaping emergency

Doctors fail to help teens quit smoking, study finds

ABC News reports on a new study from Boston Children’s Nicholas Chadi, MDCM, FRCPC, FAAP, and colleagues that finds despite serious risks, doctors aren’t doing enough to help young people quit smoking.
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BBJ Skybridge

Children's Hospital sky bridge opens with help from Celtics owner

Boston Business Journal features the opening of Boston Children’s Fazzalari Sky Bridge. The project was made possible with the help of a donation from Wyc Grousbeck and wife Emilia Fazzalari.
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Boston Globe EEE

An intense EEE cycle is in full swing in Mass. Here are some little-known facts on the virus.

Boston Globe reports that this year marks the beginning of a new, intense cycle of EEE, or Eastern equine encephalitis, that will likely persist for two to three years. Boston Children’s Asim Ahmed, MD, offers a rundown of some little-known facts about the virus.
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WBZ Evening News Update For September 3

CBS Boston highlights the opening of Boston Children’s Fazzalari Sky Bridge on their evening news. The bridge will allow patients and families to walk from the parking garage over Longwood Avenue and avoid street traffic and harsh weather.
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August Stories

Washington Post Nonverbal child

Using symbols, she calmed a nonverbal autistic boy on a plane. His dad was awestruck.

The Washington Post reports on Boston Children’s Rachel Romeo, a speech-language pathologist who recently spent a flight teaching a nonverbal child with autism to communicate with images. Romeo says the boy’s father seemed excited to learn about this new form of helping his son to communicate and she hopes the pair will continue to create symbols together, because she considers the ability to communicate to be a fundamental human right.
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Washington Post Cellphones

Expert recommendations for a childs first phone

The Washington Post shares expert recommendations around the deciding factors behind a child’s first phone, including age and maturity level. Boston Children’s Michael Rich, MD, MPH, emphasizes that parents know their children better than anyone else and because of that it’s really a matter of parenting your kids in the digital space just as we parent them in the physical space.
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Globe Magazine Diet Advice

Diet advice changes by the minute. How are we supposed to figure out what to eat?

Boston Globe Magazine reports on a recent paper from Boston Children’s David Ludwig, MD, PhD, and fellow Harvard researcher Walter Willett, MD that offers a catalog of mistakes in the history of nutritional advice in this country. Ludwig shares details around the evolution of his own diet over the years. He now alternates between a moderately low-carb diet and the incredibly low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet.
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Boston Globe Stable Housing

Health and stable housing

The Boston Globe reports on the announcement last week that three big Boston hospitals — Boston Children’s, Boston Medical Center, and Brigham and Women’s — are partnering to spend $3 million to help poor families stay in their homes. By zeroing in on the close link between health and stable housing, the initiative is a model for taking a multidimensional approach to public policy.
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CBS Vaping

Vaping Linked To Marijuana Use In Young People

CBS News reports on a study from Boston Children’s Nicholas Chadi, MD, and colleagues that finds young people who vape are more likely to use marijuana. The findings support the theory that nicotine rewires the developing brain, changing how people respond to and crave addictive substances.
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