About RSS

What is RSS?

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, provides a convenient, easy, and quick way to stay abreast of news, events and developments on your favorite Web sites. It is a free content delivery service that alerts you whenever content is updated on sites that you have selected.

The Boston Children's News Room RSS Feed

The News Room RSS feed is updated whenever Children's Hospital Boston posts a news release. Our feed includes the headline, summary and a link back to the full release (where you can access related files, including image and media files) for each release we post.

How to View RSS Feeds

There are several ways to set up RSS feeds. One is to use a special stand-alone application, called a feed reader (also called an aggregator). You may also subscribe to feeds through personalized pages within certain Web sites, such as My Yahoo!, or use an email application that is set up to handle RSS feeds. Mozilla's email software Thunderbird, for example, has an extension you can add to the application that allows it to receive feeds. To find a reader, check out DMOZ's RSS news reader list or go to a search engine such as Google and search on the terms "RSS news reader." You should be able to find and download an application that suits your needs, and many of these are free.

The RSS reader, whether it's a stand-alone application or Web-based, typically displays headlines supplied by the RSS feed you have subscribed to. Clicking the headline displays a summary of the new content as well as a link to the Web page that contains the new content.

How to Subscribe

How you subscribe to the Children's News Room RSS feed depends on the application you use -- sometimes just clicking on our RSS icon will add the feed to your RSS reader application.

If that doesn't work and you're using a stand-alone application, look for an "add subscription" or "new subscription" icon or text on the screen or in the Menu Bar (often under "File"). If you're using a service like My Yahoo!, look for an "add RSS" link.

Selecting the link should open a page or dialog box with an empty field. To subscribe to the RSS feed, add the following url to the field:


This link, by the way, is the same link that the RSS icon points to:

Once you have done this, your aggregator will automatically pull the feeds to your computer.