Lactation Support Program

Breastmilk provides essential nutrition to infants and children, and has an important role in the care of hospitalized newborns. Boston Children’s Hospital recognizes the importance of breastmilk and breastfeeding to infant health, and the Lactation Support Program can work with mothers to establish a milk supply using the breast pump, and to teach their baby to feed. Our Lactation team consists of highly skilled International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) with extensive pediatric nursing experience. We provide services to inpatient families and employees, as well as healthcare professional education. Our practice is based on current scientific evidence to promote optimal outcomes for our families.

Links to Family Education information sheets:
Instructions for use of breastpump
Instructions for labeling and storing milk
Meals for breastfeeding mothers

Video from Riley Hospital Indiana on pumping – English and Spanish 

Breastmilk donation

Mother's Milk Bank Northeast 
Human Milk Bank Association of North America 

Medication use while breastfeeding: 

Drugs and Lactation Searchable database (Lactmed) 
Infant Risk Center at Texas Tech University
telephone: (806) 352-2519 

Massachusetts resources: 

Find a lactation consultant in your area by zip code 
Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition Resources 
The Nursing Mother's Council - Breastfeeding help