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Stories of everyday strength from resilient hearts

Join us in celebrating our patients’ strength and resilience after complex heart surgery.

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Born with complex heart disease

Caroline lives and works in New York City, but still travels to Boston for her heart care — including routine check-ups with Boston Children's Hospital cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Blume.


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Surpassing expectations

The last time we met Maddy, she was still a baby, busy recovering from three complex heart surgeries at Boston Children’s. Now an active 3-year-old, Maddy has continued to thrive, and according to her mom, Morre, has surpassed all expectations.


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Michael on a boat with an outboard motor on it, smiling for the camera

In first grade and loving it

Kevin is doing well after having a cone procedure in 2016 to repair his tricuspid valve. Kevin’s parents had initially been referred to Dr. Wayne Tworetzky of the Boston Children’s Hospital Fetal Cardiology Program so Kevin could receive an experimental prenatal treatment for Ebstein’s anomaly, a rare heart condition that causes leakage of the tricuspid valve and backup of blood flow into the heart.


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A quick recovery from valve replacement

Michael was born with tetralogy of Fallot and had two surgeries at Boston Children’s as a young child, first at age 2 and again at age 6. Then, in 2015, his cardiologist in the Boston Adult Congenital Heart Disease (BACH) program, Dr. Anne Marie Valente, told him he would need a pulmonary valve replacement within the next year.


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Michael on a boat with an outboard motor on it, smiling for the camera
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