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At Boston Children’s Heart Center, finding answers for families is at the heart of everything we do. With more than 500 pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and other experts on our top-ranked team, we’re working together around the clock, caring for patients, refining treatments and making groundbreaking discoveries.


But don’t let our name fool you: In addition to our deep expertise in treating children with congenital heart defects, we provide comprehensive treatment for heart patients well into adulthood. Starting at birth, our clinicians are here to provide your child with a lifetime of care.


Every year, we treat more than 15,000 patients with a full spectrum of cardiac conditions, from the most common to the rarest of the rare. With a dedicated pediatric cardiac anesthesia team, best-in-class pediatric heart surgeons and a 99 percent surgical survival rate, we’re turning fear into hope for families around the world.

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“We were uncertain what the days after his birth would look like, but we knew we had a team of doctors dedicated to finding answers.”

“Getting his biventricular repair was the greatest gift ever. We were told it was impossible. Two years later, he is running around and doing amazing.”

“We had loads of questions. Doctors at home were certain they could not remove his tumor. But when we came to Boston, our surgeon was confident. That put us at ease and confirmed our decision.”