Journeys of Gratitude

Grateful for a healthy baby and a guardian angel doctor

“In the end, showing our gratitude to those who helped heal our son’s body was the best thing we could do to heal all of our hearts.” – Amy. R, mother of 1-year-old

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grateful for a health baby
Emily and Isis Kidney Donation

Emily and Isis: Gratitude in the form of a bean

When Emily became a living donor, she had no idea who would receive her kidney, but that didn’t matter. As it turns out, Isis changed her life, too.

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Police save lives every day, just not this way — a liver for Sloan

"We are grateful for every precious moment we have with our daughter, Sloan. Thank you to our family and friends for their endless love, support and prayers. And to Sloan’s living donor, Steven, for this amazing gift of life." - Sloan's mom, Sarah


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sloan transplant update

Books that teach gratitude

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, take a moment to curl up with a good book that can help your little ones experience gratitude. Here are a few suggestions, for ages 4 and up.


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