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Boston Children's Hospital Global Health

Boston Children’s Hospital is a dynamic and compassionate community of caregivers, many of who have been involved in promoting global health and have worked independently all over the world to provide quality care.

The Global Health Program at Boston Children’s Hospital was created in 2013 to enable members of our dynamic and compassionate community to drive forward global health care, education, research and advocacy.

What we do

The mission of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Global Health Program is to improve child health delivery worldwide. In support of our mission, we take a comprehensive approach that focuses on four strategic priorities: care delivery, education, research and advocacy.

We have many ongoing projects throughout the world – from the community health level to the tertiary care level – that positively impact health, ensure educational opportunities, reduce poverty and hunger and protect children as a vulnerable population.

The Global Health Program was established to unify all Boston Children’s global health efforts.  We provide our community with support through logistics, grants, educational programming and opportunities.