• Slow Weight Gain in Infants and Children



  • English


Undergraduate Degree

  • State University of New York , 1979 , Oneonta , NY

Graduate Degree

  • Syracuse University , 1983 , Syracuse , NY

Philosophy of Care

Poor nutrition at any age affects future health, behavior, learning and eating experiences. I am dedicated to understanding how a family or child comes to struggle with eating or feeding and provide creative, research-based, nutrition education including support of breastfeeding and sensory feeding difficulties. Assuring eating competence and strategies can bring families back to the table.


Margaret Reppenhagen, MA,LDN,CLC is a Registered Dietitian and certified Lactation counselor with Greater Lowell Pediatrics. Her clinical interest and training is focused on nutrition support for children with pediatric growth and feeding difficulties, sensory-based food avoidance and breastfeeding counseling and management. She directed the Lowell General Hospital based, outpatient, multidisciplinary pediatric Growth and Nutrition Program for 20 years treating children with poor growth and feeding difficulties. During that time she expanded services to include group feeding classes to the treatment plan for children of all ages with special health care and nutrition needs.