Undergraduate Degree

  • Stevens Institute of Technology , 1971 , Hoboken , NJ

Graduate Degree

  • Stevens Institute of Technology , 1973 , Hoboken , NJ

Graduate Degree

  • Northeastern University , 1978 , Boston , MA


Dr. Hansen divides his time between basic research on visual development and clinical assessment of visual function in pediatric patients. The goal of his research is to investigate the effects of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) on vision in infants and children with a history of preterm birth. Dr. Hansen uses the electroretinogram (ERG) to non-invasively study photoreceptor and post-receptor retinal activity. Quantitative models of rod and cone photoreceptor responses and post-receptor b-wave responses are used to test hypotheses about retinal function in both development and disease. Psychophysical measures of vision complement the electrophysiological studies.