Undergraduate Degree

  • McMcaster University , 2008 , Hamilton, Ontario , Canada

Medical School

  • McMaster University , 2011 , Hamilton, Ontario , Canada


  • University of Ottawa , 2015 , Ottawa, Ontario , Canada

Graduate Degree

  • Harvard Medical School , 2017 , Boston , MA

Philosophy of Care

I believe that high-quality care for children with medical complexity depends on close partnership with families and an interprofessional team, thoughtful care coordination, reliable handoff communication across transitions in care, and a focus on enabling the child’s meaningful participation in their home and community.


Dr. Kathleen Huth grew up in Ontario, Canada. She attended McMaster University to study Arts & Sciences followed by medical school. She completed pediatrics residency training at the University of Ottawa and served as chief resident in 2014. After residency, Dr. Huth moved to Boston to obtain her master’s degree in medical education at Harvard Medical School while doing clinical locums in general pediatrics, complex care and neonatal care in Ottawa. She has been on staff as a pediatrician in the Complex Care Service Outpatient Program at Boston Children’s Hospital since 2017.

Dr. Huth is an active member of the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine, the Academic Pediatric Association and the Canadian Paediatric Society within their complex care special interest groups. She has a scholarly interest in improving quality of care for children with medical complexity through interprofessional education, quality improvement and research initiatives.


  • American Board of Pediatrics, General Pediatrics


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