Undergraduate Degree

  • Princeton University , 1977 , Princeton , NJ

Medical School

  • University of Rochester School of Medicine , 1981 , Rochester , NY


Coordinated Surgical Program
  • University of Massachusetts , 1984 , Worcester , MA


  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Children's Service) , 1983 , Boston , MA


  • University of Pittsburgh Eye and Ear Hospital , 1988 , Pittsburgh , PA


  • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary , 1989 , Boston , MA


Michael J. Cunningham, M.D. is a graduate of Princeton University (1977) and the Rochester University School of Medicine (1981). He completed Pediatrics training at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Otolaryngology training at the University of Pittsburgh. He has practiced as a pediatric otolaryngologist in Boston since 1989.

He is currently Otolaryngologist-in-Chief of the Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Enhancement at Boston Children’s Hospital, and Professor of Otology and Laryngology at the Harvard Medical School.

He is the previous Director of the Harvard Residency Program in Otolaryngology, and presently serves as vice chair of the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education committee responsible for overseeing otolaryngology residency and fellowship training in the United States.

He has played an active role in many professional societies.  He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Section on Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery of the American Academy of Pediatrics from 1996-2006, serving as chair from 1998-2002. He additionally chaired the AAP Surgery Advisory Panel, also known as the Surgical Sections Action Group, from 2002-2006. He is a past treasurer and president of the American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology, and a past president of the New England Otolaryngological Society.


  • American Board of Otolaryngology


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