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Leah has extensive experience working with children and adults with chronic illnesses and disabilities. She graduated from Yale University with a Master’s in pediatric nursing with a focus on chronic illness in 2005. She completed her undergraduate studies in the basic sciences and education, followed by an MEd in Deaf education at Boston University. She has worked at Perkin’s school for the blind in the deaf-blind program; later, in a pediatric craniofacial surgery program, and since 2007, has been the NP in the metabolism program at Boston Children’s Hospital. For the past five years, Leah has been actively participating in the fundraising efforts of the hospital, raising up to twenty thousand dollars annually for the metabolism program. Leah has a strong focus on patient management and ongoing coordination of care. Her role as clinic coordinator in the BoLD program will focus on further supporting families and assuring that the multidisciplinary care for each child is effectively managed.