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Aishwarya Devarajan | Professional History

Aishwarya is a genetic counselor at Boston Children’s Hospital. Aishwarya received her master’s degree in human genetics and genetic counseling from the Emory University in 2014. She received her certification from the American Board of Genetic Counseling in 2015. She completed her undergraduate studies in biotechnology and bioinformatics in India. Since joining the Boston Children’s Hospital in March, 2015 Aishwarya has been involved in development and management of BoLD program, lysosomal storage disease clinical care and research. She is currently one of the clinical coordinators for the BoLD program and her role with be to help our patients and families with their complex medical care, by providing clinical care, follow-up and counseling for our patients. Her special interests are focused on patient outcomes research, facilitating clinical trials for new therapies, clarifying disease information provision to patients/families, assisting with transition from childhood to adulthood.