Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at Boston Children's Hospital provides comprehensive evaluation and consultative services to deaf and hard of hearing children. We'll also interact closely with your child's physician, schools, and any other applicable agencies.

Our expertise

Prominence Nationwide

Our team at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program cares for more than 1,000 children and their families each year, including children and adolescents with known or previously diagnosed hearing loss. 

Our program is one of the largest and most experienced programs of its kind in the country.

Services we Specialize in:

  • Speech-Language Pathology

  • American Sign Language

  • Psychology

  • Child Psychiatry

  • Audiology

  • Otolaryngology

  • Deafness and Hearing Loss

  • Educational Resources

Evaluation and Assessment Services

  • cognitive and psycho-educational assessments

  • neuropsychological assessments

  • functional communication and interaction assessments

  • speech, spoken language and auditory skills assessmentssign language assessments

  • audiological evaluations

  • amplification assessments

  • psychiatric assessments

  • otological examination

Additional Services:

  • serves as a resource center, providing referral for services and/or to agencies and organizations
  • disseminates information regarding assistive devices, educational approaches, specialized materials, etc.
  • provides short term speech-language therapy, individual counseling and parent guidance
  • conducts baseline mental health assessments of deaf or hard of hearing