Current Environment:

2021-2023 fellows

  • Claire Abraham, MD
  • Sophie Allende-Richter, MD
  • Isdin Oke, MD
  • Daniel Shapiro, MD
  • Michaela Tracy, MD

2022-2024 fellows

  • Rahela Aziz-Bose, MD
  • Nikita Kalluri, MD
  • Ryan Perkins, MD
  • Cara Ruggiero, PhD, RD
  • Kathleen Snow, MD
  • Elsa Treffeisen, M

2020-2022 fellows

  • Jessica Addison, MD, MS
  • Jessica Becker, MD
  • Jeffrey Campbell, MD
  • Jordan Roberts, MD
  • Kristen Shanahan, MD
  • Monica Wojcik, MD
  • Allison Wu, MD

Claire Abraham, MD

Dr. Abraham a general academic pediatric fellow at Boston Children's Hospital. She is interested in the impact of public policy on children's health. She plans to begin by looking at how COVID and the 2020 Massachusetts influenza vaccine mandate for school children impacted pediatric influenza vaccine uptake.

Sophie Allende-Richter, MD

Dr. Allende-Richter is a faculty member in the Division of General Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital and a Boston Children’s Hospital Health Equity Fellow. She has been working for more than 10 years as a pediatric and adolescent primary care provider at Boston Children's at Martha Eliot, caring for underserved youths. This practice has led her to develop interest toward health disparity issues, leading several quality health initiatives and clinical research to explore new strategies to improve health care access and outcome among undeserved youths in the U.S. and in resource-constrained countries, notably Haiti and Rwanda. Areas of research interests: adolescent health, health care transition, reproductive health, digital health, AYA with SHCN, and global health.

Isdin Oke, MD

Dr. Oke is an attending in the Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology at Boston Children's Hospital. He is interested in using large datasets to identify healthcare disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric eye conditions.

Daniel Shapiro, MD

Dr. Shapiro is a fellow in Emergency Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital. He is interested in improving the diagnosis and management of common infectious illnesses in the pediatric emergency department.

Michaela Tracy, MD

Dr. Tracy is a clinical fellow in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at Boston Children's Hospital. She will focus on social determinants of health and outcomes in inflammatory bowel disease.

Rahela Aziz-Bose, MD

Dr. Aziz-Bose is a pediatric hematology/oncology fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She is interested in implementation research addressing cardiovascular disease in childhood cancer survivors, with a focus on structural and resource-mediated health disparities within this population.

Nikita Kalluri, MD

Dr. Kalluri is a neonatology fellow in the Harvard Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship based at Boston Children's Hospital. She is interested in maternal racial/ethnic and primary language disparities in NICU outcomes. During fellowship, she hopes to further evaluate the contribution of social factors to perinatal health disparities, especially with regards to family engagement and communication throughout the NICU stay.

Ryan Perkins, MD

Dr. Perkins is currently a Pediatric and Adult Pulmonologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Clinically, he has expertise in Med-Peds Cystic Fibrosis care and subspecialty transition of care from pediatric to adult medicine.  His HSR research interest focuses on evaluating value based health care, innovative care delivery models, and the implications of insurance policy on clinical and financial outcomes for patients with CF.

Cara Ruggiero PhD, RD

Dr. Ruggiero is a Research Fellow in the Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition Equity in the Department of Pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her research focuses on obesity prevention and treatment from a family systems perspective, focusing on the home and surrounding neighborhood environment

Kathleen Snow, MD

Dr. Snow is a pediatric hospital medicine fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is interested in using large databases and predictive modeling to optimize the care of hospitalized pediatric patients.  

Elsa Treffeisen, MD

Dr. Treffeisen is a clinical fellow in Allergy and Immunology at Boston Children’s Hospital and a board-certified pediatrician. She obtained her BA in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, her MD at Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, and she completed her pediatrics residency at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Her research questions focus on access to care and health outcomes in atopic dermatitis and food allergy, particularly in low-income and minority populations.

Jessica Addison, MD, MS

Dr. Addison is an attending in the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital. She is the inaugural Boston Children's Hospital Health Equity Fellow and is interested in research focused on identifying high-risk youth in the inpatient setting and improving care of youth living with HIV.

Jessica Becker, MD

Dr. Becker will be joining the faculty of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital this summer. She has been working on modeling studies of serious mental illness to evaluate the benefits and costs of behavioral medicine interventions for pediatric populations with comorbid medical and psychiatric illness.

Jeffrey Campbell, MD

Dr. Campbell is a pediatric infectious diseases fellow at Boston Children's Hospital. He is interested in research related to communicable diseases in underserved, particularly immigrant, populations in the community health setting.

Jordan Roberts, MD

Dr. Roberts is a pediatric rheumatology fellow at Boston Children's Hospital. She is interested in comparatives effectiveness studies for treatment of pediatric lupus. She plans to begin by looking at practice variation and barriers to optimal treatment for pediatric lupus in a national registry.

Kristen Shanahan, MD

Dr. Shanahan is a pediatric emergency medicine fellow at Boston Children's Hospital. She will focus on research aimed at improving patient-centered outcomes in the pediatric emergency department.

Monica Wojcik, MD

Dr. Wojcik is a neonatologist at Boston Children's Hospital, who is also trained as a geneticist. Her focus is on how to incorporate genomic technologies into the clinical practice of neonatology.

Allison Wu, MD

Dr. Wu is a pediatric gastroenterology fellow at Boston Children's Hospital. She is using Project Viva to evaluate the association of visceral adiposity with metabolic biomarkers.