Oculoplastic Surgery

If your child’s doctor has recommended oculoplastic surgery, you may be wondering what exactly this procedure entails—and how the surgery can help your child.

We’ve put together information on the most common surgeries as well as a list of questions that are frequently asked of our doctors. We’ll give you some background on common conditions that require this kind of surgery, talk about your experience at the hospital when you come in for your child’s procedure and discuss the long-term outlook for kids who have oculoplastic surgical procedures.

The bottom line on oculoplastic surgery?

  • Oculoplastics, or oculoplastic surgery, is literally plastic surgery of the eyelids. It’s a specialty of ophthalmology that focuses on three areas—the orbit, the eyelids, and the lacrimal (tear) system.

How Boston Children’s Hospital approaches oculoplastic surgery

The eye problems that children have can be different from those of adults. That’s why—if your child has one of the common conditions requiring oculoplastic surgery—it’s important to see a doctor at a children’s hospital.

The Pediatric Oculoplastic Program at Children’s is staffed by an experienced team with specialized training in caring for children.

  • We offer comprehensive evaluation and correction of the eyelids, orbit and lacrimal system in babies and children of all ages. Our highly experienced pediatric ophthalmologists are known locally and nationally for treating children with complex conditions.
  • Children’s is one of the only hospitals in the country with a designated specialist in pediatric oculoplastic surgery.

Read on to learn more about some common conditions requiring oculoplastic surgery and how our team here at Children’s can help you and your child.

Oculoplastic surgery: Reviewed by Alexandra Elliott, MD

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