Treatments for Spider Telangiectasias in Children

Spider telangiectasias can be left untreated, or they can be eliminated with simple laser therapy.

A device called a pulsed dye laser can destroy these abnormal blood vessels. Pulsed dye laser is the gold standard of treatment for spider telangiectasias because it’s highly effective, doesn't damage the surrounding skin and rarely causes scarring. Your child's doctor can further explain pulsed dye laser therapy and its side effects.

Also, should it be necessary to monitor your child's spider telangiectasias, your doctor will work with you to develop an appropriate follow-up care plan.

Long-term outlook

Spider telangiectasias don't pose any health problems for your child. The only decision you’ll need to make is whether you’d like your child to have laser therapy to eliminate them. Many parents decide not to treat them at all, and even after treatment, new spider telangiectasias can appear at any time.

As your child gets older, she may be uncomfortable with the marks, especially if they’re in a prominent location, such as her face. Our counselors can help your child deal with any concerns or discomfort related to the appearance of spider telangiectasias.