Treatments for Rotavirus Infections in Children

There is no cure for rotavirus, so treatment of the disease is more for making your child feel better and to prevent any complications from dehydration.

Traditional treatments for a rotavirus infection

If your child develops rotavirus, she may not be able to attend daycare or school while ill. If your child is hospitalized, she will be isolated from other children to prevent an outbreak in the hospital. Treatment may include:

  • drinking plenty of water, formula, breast milk and/or special electrolyte-containing fluids such as Pedialyte (young children should not drink soda or sports drinks)
  • feeding your child solid foods if she can tolerate them

About one out of every 40 children may develop severe enough dehydration to require hospitalization. In these children treatment may include:

  • intravenous (IV) fluids
  • nasogastric (NG) tube feedings (a small tube may be place into your child's stomach through their nose)
  • blood work (to measure your child's electrolyte levels).