Pilocytic Astrocytoma | Diagnosis & Treatment

How are pilocytic astrocytoma diagnosed?

To diagnose a pediatric pilocytic astrocytoma, your doctor will take your child's medical history and carry out both physical and neurological exams. Your doctor may also order a variety of tests, including:

After all tests are completed, doctors will be able to outline the best treatment options.

What are the treatment options for pilocytic astrocytoma?

Our treatment approach for pediatric gliomas is personalized for each patient depending on several factors, including the tumor's type, stage, and location. Some therapies will treat the tumor while others are intended to address complications of the disease or side effects of the treatment.

In addition, our clinicians may offer access to targeted treatments based on the molecular profile of your child's tumor.

Some of the options your doctor may discuss include:

For pilocytic astrocytomas, often surgery is the only treatment required. We also offer brain tumor clinical trials for children with pilocytic astrocytomas.