Treatments for PHACE in Children

What are the treatment options for PHACE syndrome?

The treatment of children with PHACE is highly personalized based on the severity of the condition and the problems associated with it. Because the condition can affect so many different parts of the body, children with PHACE often see clinicians and specialists from several medical fields.

The Vascular Anomalies Center (VAC) at Boston Children's Hospital brings together specialists from across the hospital to take a coordinated approach in caring for children with PHACE. Depending on an individual child's needs, this could include:

  • dermatologists and plastic surgeons to monitor and, if necessary, treat a hemangioma
  • cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons to manage congenital heart defects
  • cerebrovascular surgeons and neurointerventional radiologists to address blood vessel anomalies in the brain
  • endocrinologists to monitor and care for endocrine problems
  • neurologists and neurosurgeons to care for brain abnormalities
  • ophthalmologists to treat eye anomalies
  • orthopedic surgeons to repair defects in the sternum

Because PHACE as a diagnosis is still relatively new and can vary from child to child, no one yet knows what the long-term outlook is for children with PHACE.

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