Mold Allergy Symptoms & Causes

What exactly is mold?

Mold is a member of the fungus family

  • It can be found growing both outdoors (on dead or dying vegetation such as rotting leaves or logs) and indoors (damp basements, closets, bathrooms, mattresses, air conditioners and humidifiers are all possible habitats.)

  • Mold spores and fragments may be inhaled.

  • Mold may also be eaten, in foods such as cheese, mushrooms, dried fruits, soy sauce, vinegar and foods containing yeast.

Is a child with a mold allergy necessarily allergic to a mold-derived drug, like penicillin?

There is no known relationship between allergy to the mold Penicillin and allergy to the antibiotic penicillin, which is made from the mold. Consult your child's physician for more information.