Meningioma | Diagnosis & Treatment

How is meningioma diagnosed?

When a meningioma is suspected, diagnostic imaging can be used for diagnosis. This may include:

After all tests are completed, doctors will be able to outline the best treatment options.

What are the treatment options for meningiomas?

It is very rare for a pediatric patient to die of meningioma — the five-year survival rate is over 95 percent. Specific meningioma treatments may include neurosurgery or radiation therapy


Surgery to completely remove the tumor delivers the best outcomes for patients with meningioma. In certain cases, partial removal is warranted if complete removal will affect a patient’s neurological function, such as if the tumor affects the medial sphenoid wing, orbital, tentorial, clival and posterior parasagittal tumors.

Radiation therapy 

In cases in which the tumor cannot be completely removed, radiation therapy can reduce the rate of recurrence. Stereotactic radiotherapy is useful to minimize the dose to surrounding structures and is particularly useful to treat meningiomas next to the optic nerves or brainstem.

How is recurrent meningioma treated?

Depending upon the site of the recurrence, surgery usually will be performed again. If this is not possible, or if the tumor cannot be removed, radiotherapy may be considered.