Treatments for Malocclusion in Children

How is malocclusion treated?

Treatment is sometimes done in phases depending of the extent of your child's malocclusion. In some cases, we need to remove your child's baby teeth to help make room for his permanent teeth. Permanent teeth are also sometimes removed. Other treatment may include:

  • Jaw surgery -- In some cases, your child may need jaw surgery to correct the bite problem when the bones are involved.
  • Mouth appliances -- Fixed (braces) or removable (retainers) appliances that help realign your child's teeth
    • It's important to have good oral hygiene while wearing these appliances. Make sure your child brushes and flosses regularly. Removable mouth appliances must also be cleaned regularly.
    • The following food should be avoided while wearing any type of mouth appliance:
      • gum
      • sticky foods
      • peanuts
      • popcorn
      • ice

Your child's activity may need to be restricted, based on the type of appliance that is used. You can discuss this with your child's dentist or orthodontist.