Hypertension | Pediatric Research & Clinical Trials

Boston Children's Hospital is home to the world’s largest research program at a pediatric institution, and we’re known for pioneering new treatments. A large part of our success comes from our commitment to research—and to advancing the frontiers of what’s possible through our innovative approach.

Our Hypertension Program is in the process of building collaborations and partnerships with children’s hospitals and other institutions around the country, trying to understand pediatric cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension and how they link up to adult arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Our clinicians are also involved with:

  • adapting techniques used to research cardiovascular risk in adults for children
  • integrating blood pressure measurement data into Children’s electronic records
  • retraining clinical assistants, nurses and other staff members about how to measure kids’ blood pressure appropriately, compare the readings to the appropriate norms and encourage the kids to have follow-up and treatment if necessary
  • developing a protocol to ensure that high blood pressure in children is cared for in the same way across various departments within Boston Children’s