Head or Brain Injury | Treatments

Treatment for mild head injuries

The most important treatment for mild head injuries, such as concussions, is physical and mental rest. This gives the body a break from moving and thinking, so the brain can heal. Your child’s doctor will give you a schedule to increase your child’s activity levels once the symptoms have gone away. Doing too much before the brain has fully healed can slow recovery and may cause lasting problems. 

Treatment for severe head injuries

Treatment for more severe head injuries varies depending on your child’s injury. Options may include:

  • surgery to repair breaks or bleeding
  • placing drains or shunts in the skull to reduce extra pressure
  • medications to help prevent blood clots, muscle spasms and seizures

Extra support for serious brain injuries

Some brain injuries can cause problems with movement, behavior, speech, vision, hearing or taste. Children with these injuries may need more long-term support, including:

Expert care for head and brain injuries

Boston Children's Hospital has been a worldwide innovator in diagnosing and treating pediatric head and brain injuries for decades. Learn more about how the Brain Injury Center helps children who have head and brain injuries.

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