Gliomatosis Cerebri | Diagnosis & Treatment

How is gliomatosis cerebri diagnosed?

Gliomatosis cerebri is most commonly diagnosed with diagnostic imaging. Since often the tumor appears to have no primary location and grows aggressively, biopsies are risky. However, a biopsy may be performed if a primary mass is identified, or if your child’s symptoms and other tests do not seem typical for the condition. Diagnostic procedures for gliomatosis cerebri may include:

After all tests are completed, doctors will be able to outline the best treatment options.

What are the treatment options for gliomatosis cerebri?

As with all pediatric cancers, care should be delivered at specialized centers where multidisciplinary teams can provide not only expert diagnostics and experienced medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, but alsopsychosocial support, neuro-psychological testing and specialized school plans, all delivered in a child and family-friendly environment. Gliomatosis cerebri treatment may include radiation therapy or chemotherapy — unfortunately, surgery is not an option.