Fragile X Syndrome | Treatments

What is the treatment for fragile X syndrome?

There is no one single treatment that is right for every child with fragile X. Treatment is based on a child’s individual symptoms and needs. Some common treatments for children with fragile X include:

  • speech and language therapy to improve communication skills
  • occupational therapy and physical therapy to help with daily activities such as self-care, chores and hobbies
  • sensory issues
  • developmental medicine and special education to work on any educational weaknesses and help develop good learning strategies
  • psychiatry and other behavioral health care to help with any behavioral or emotional problems
  • medication to help with symptoms of fragile X, such as seizures or mood or behavioral problems

Expert care for fragile X syndrome

At the Boston Children's Hospital Fragile X Program we’re focused on family-centered care to support all of your child’s physical and social needs. Our team can put you in touch with other families who have a child with fragile X and connect you with community and educational services.

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