Testing & Diagnosis for Cytomegalovirus in Children

How does a doctor know my child has cytomegalovirus?

  • Most infections with CMV in the mother are not diagnosed because the virus produces few symptoms.
  • A mother who has had CMV infection before may have antibodies present in her blood stream.

If your baby’s doctor suspects CMV, the doctor may screen your baby’s

  • blood
  • urine
  • saliva
  • liver function
  • hearing
  • brain, via ultrasound.

Is there a way to diagnose cytomegalovirus before my baby is born?

  • If the mother has symptoms similar to mononucleosis (fever, swollen glands, constant fatigue, tonsillitis, liver malfunction) while pregnant, she may be given a test to screen for CMV.
  • A prenatal ultrasound can test your baby for symptoms of a CMV infection by allowing your doctor to inspect the brain as well as your baby’s gestational size.