Treatments for Cellulitis in Children

Specific treatment for cellulitis will be determined by your child's physician based on your child's age, overall health and medical history.

Immediate treatment can help prevent the spread of cellulitis. Treatment may include:

  • oral or intravenous (IV) antibiotics
  • warm, wet dressings on the infection site
  • surgical intervention
  • rest

If your child's arm or leg is affected, his her physician may also have you elevate the extremity and decrease the amount of activity.

Based on the physical examination, your child's physician may treat your child in the hospital depending on the severity of the cellulitis. In the hospital, your child may receive antibiotics and fluids through an intravenous (IV) catheter.

Are there any complications from cellulitis?

Complications can be reduced with prompt and accurate treatment by your child's physician. The most common complications include:

  • meningitis, an inflammation of the membrane of the brain and the spinal cord
  • septic (infectious) arthritis, an infection of a joint caused by bacteria
  • glomerulonephritis, an inflammation of the kidneys