Abdominal Pain | Diagnosis & Treatments

How is abdominal pain diagnosed?

A clinician will take a history of the child’s abdominal pain, how and when it started, the location and type of pain, and how it has progressed over time. If the child has any allergies or a history of food intolerances, parents should let the clinical team know. 

The child’s pediatrician may order tests of the child’s blood, urine, and stool to rule out specific conditions associated with abdominal pain. If the child's medical history, exam, or lab tests raise further questions, more in-depth tests, such as an x-ray or endoscopy, may be necessary. 

How is abdominal pain in children treated?

Once they’ve diagnosed the source of the pain, the care team will create a treatment plan. Depending on the root cause, treatment may include dietary changes, medication, or behavioral approaches to address underlying anxiety or depression. With the right treatment, most children with abdominal pain continue to grow well and gain weight.