Psychiatry Observership

Our Mission

Promoting excellence and innovation in education, consultation, research, and advocacy for the mental health of children and families across the globe

The Boston Children's Hospital Global Partnerships in Psychiatry (BCHGP) Observership Program is a cross-disciplinary program designed for physicians and psychologists residing outside the United States who have an interest in child and adolescent mental health. The goal of this program is to provide exposure to trained professionals from countries all over the world who can aid in the development of child mental health policy, foster child mental health clinical programming, and serve as advocates for child mental health care in their respective countries.

It must be emphasized that due to licensing and insurance requirements, direct clinical care is not a part of the BCHGP Observership Program. This observership is not intended as a substitute for formal training in the clinical disciplines of child psychiatry or child psychology and is strictly observational in nature. However, participation in clinical case conferences, ward rounds, and other clinically-related activities is integral to the program. Conceptually, this program places the clinical, programmatic, and advocacy efforts of the Boston Children's Department of Psychiatry in a global context through readings and discussion of comparisons with other systems of care.

Core Faculty

Information about the BCHGP observership clinical rotations and didactics can be found here