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Boston Children’s Hospital is committed to providing lifelong learning that allows nurses from all levels to develop and expand competence in their professional nursing practice and to support their needs.

Our Nursing/Patient Care team is devoted to ensuring the professional development of nurses and offers benefits, such as continuing education and professional advancement programs, peer review, as well as tuition and conference reimbursement.



Starting your nursing career at Boston Children's   Developing skills for advancing your career  Opportunities for experienced nurses Opportunities for high school students 
 Starting your nursing career  Developing skills for advancing your career  Opportunities for experienced nurses Opportunities for students



Starting your nursing career at Boston Children's

Boston Children’s Nursing Department offers programs with tailored orientation and training opportunities for registered nurses, advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and unlicensed assistive personnel. 

Orientation Newly Licensed Nurses Career Lattice Program

Developing skills for advancing your career

Ongoing professional development activities at Boston Children’s are implemented and directed by our dedicated Nursing Education team and include role transition courses, simulation learning and skill-building labs that help nurses reach their goals, both inside and outside the workplace.

Education Competency Management Role Transition

Opportunities for experienced nurses

Along with ongoing educational courses, Boston Children’s offers dynamic opportunities aimed at highly motivated nurses to help them gain a wealth of knowledge and experience through mentored scientific inquiry and nursing fellowships, as well as clinical advancement for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).

Nursing Science & Research

Evidence-Based Practice Mentorship Program

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is a problem-solving approach that integrates the best evidence from past research, clinical expertise and patient preferences and values. The EBP Mentorship Program (EBPMP) is intended for highly motivated nurses who are committed to applying the best evidence to improve patient care and achieve optimal outcomes for their patients. It is a self-directed immersion program that pairs individual nurses with EBP expert mentors to carry out an EBP project that addresses an important clinical practice question.

Click here to view the latest World Shared Practice Forums, monthly discussion-based videos with international physician and nurse experts that allow users from all around the world to discuss current issues and best practices.

Nursing Science Fellowship

Boston Children’s Nursing Science fellows participate in a two-year structured program that helps fellows collaborate with nurse scientists, administrative leaders and other staff engaged in clinical inquiry.

Throughout their two-year journey, fellows create a scholarly project that contributes to the science of pediatric nursing. On a quarterly basis, they share their progress with peers, mentors and Boston Children’s senior clinical leadership. Once completed, their work is disseminated through meetings and publications.


Additional Fellowships Professional Advancement

Opportunities for students

High School Students Undergraduates Graduate School Practicum