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Speakers Bureau: Topics in Psychiatry

Anxiety Disorder

Molly Benson, PhD
Eugene D'Angelo, PhD
Lauren Mednick, PhD

Behavior Management of Pediatric Pain Disorders

Robyn Claar, PhD
Lauren Mednick, PhD

Bipolar Disorder: What is it?

Stuart Goldman, MD

Coping with Physical Illness

Patricia Ibeziako, PhD
Lauren Mednick, PhD

Disruptive Disorders

Marcus Cherry, PhD
Stuart Goldman, MD

Mood Disorders

Stuart Goldman, MD

Parent Management Strategies

Eugene D'Angelo, PhD

Pediatric Depression: Assessment and Management

Stuart Goldman, MD

Pediatric Social Phobia and Depression

Eugene D'Angelo, PhD

Psychopharmacological Treatment of
Pediatric Depression and Anxiety

Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, MD
Colleen Ryan, MD

Psychopharmacology for the PCP

Stuart Goldman, MD
Colleen Ryan, MD

Rational Psychopharmacological Treatment
of Children with Epilepsy

Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, MD

Understanding Learning Vulnerabilities

Jane Bernstein, PhD
Deborah Waber, PhD

Understanding Traumatized Children
and Their Families

Michelle Bosquet, PhD
Heidi Ellis, PhD

Young Children with Out of Control Behavior

Enrico Mezzacappa, MD

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