Separating the Signal from the Noise: Establishing the Foundation for Healthcare in 2044

September 26, 2019

Harvard Boston Club

10:00 am   Introduction - Sandi Fenwick & Kevin Churchwell
10:15 am   What CHIP knew about 2019, back in 1994
Kenneth D. Mandl
10:40 am  

The Founding of CHIP
Joseph Majzoub

10:50 am   Putting CHIP into Context
Isaac Kohane
11:00 am  

Fireside chat: What does a hospital do for a living in 2044?
Moderator - Linda Henry
Panelists -

  • John Brownstein
  • John Halamka
  • David G. Nathan
  • Sandi Fenwick
12:00 pm   

 Lunchtime Keynote - Matt Might

1:00 pm   

What or who makes a clinical decision in 2044, and how?
Moderator - Christopher Lydon
Panelists -

  • Atul Butte
  • Isaac Kohane
  • Kenneth D. Mandl
  • Matt Might
  • Guergana Savova
2:00 pm   

How do therapies get developed and tested in 2044?
Moderator - Victor Nizet
Panelists -

  • Steve Greenberg
  • Bob Langer
  • Peter Sorger
  • Florence Bourgeois 
3:00 pm    George Daley - Physician of the Future 
3:30 pm    Break 
3:50 pm   

What R&D should we embark on now to prepare us for 2044?
Moderator - Adam Feuerstein
Panelists - 

  • Patricia Brennan
  • Rachel Ramoni
  • Josh Mandel
  • David Bates
We are proud to serve a broad and diverse patient population that often comes to us for answers they can't find anywhere else. This top ranking is a credit and a tribute to our extraordinary and deeply committed clinicians, researchers and so many others who dedicate every day to improving and advancing the health and well-being of all children.

Sandra L. Fenwick, CEO

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