Ventricular Assist Device Program | Patient Stories & Resources

Getting a VAD can be a live-saving event that can improve quality of life and have an impact that extends far beyond the hospital walls. Read about our patients and their families whose experiences give the VAD journey a voice and offer hope and help to others who are beginning their journey.


Berlin Heart patient at Boston Children's HospitalAlina: The Berlin Heart allows Alina to get stronger as she waits for a new heart
Alina’s journey with congenital heart disease took her from her home in Honduras to Boston Children’s Hospital.  When she was four years old, she went into heart failure and needed a transplant.  A Berlin Heart kept her strong and stable until she was ready for her new heart.


VAD patient with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at Boston Children's Hospital

Aidan: A VAD gives Aidan's family some independence
When Aidan was 8 months old, his parents learned he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a rare but serious disease that affects the muscle of the heart. They knew he would eventually need a heart transplant.  When his condition worsened at age 10, a VAD allowed him to finish the school year and enjoy summer at home while he waited for a new heart.


VAD and the college experienceDeyven: Attending college with a VAD
Deyven is the first person ever to live on a college campus with a VAD. “I try not to let what happened to me dictate how I live my life,” the rising Bentley University sophomore pronounces. “I learned something about myself from this experience. I learned that I am responsible, and I can manage anything.”


Going to school with a VAD

Kyah: First patient back to school with a VAD
After Kyah was diagnosed with heart failure, doctors said it could take up to a year or longer before she was ready for a heart transplant. Through research and special permission from the FDA, Boston Children’s doctors implanted a portable, motorized pump in her heart, allowing her to return to school and live a normal life while she awaited transplant.

Patient resources

Online support network: MyLVAD